Well here is my List of all Outfitter's weapons I have made!!

remember if you want a weapon from here ask me and i will make it for you

  • Note* except the ones that requires Large quanitites of Items as you

see some require 9 platinums plus 6 lifestones!! if you're willing to give me those Items for me to make them for you, then we're talking!!


= Remeber first is the name of item, =$price it sells=Xp points you get for making= stats of weaponEdit

Amulet Of Wrath(Neck)=62=200xp-lvl 75,A+16,D+10,L+134

Black Rubber Earplug=5=100xp-lvl 5

Blood Soaked Bracelet=6= lvl 5,A+6

Blood Ruby Watch(wrist)=21=100xp-lvl 25,L+41

Bone Talisman=59=100xp-lvl 75,A+16,D+8,L127

brass knuckles=51=100xp-level 65-D75 L265

Cestus Of Annihilation(Hand)=59=100xp-lvl 75,A+48,D+36,L+342

Chrome Gear(ring)=25=200xp-lvl 25,D+26

Dainty Silk Sock=59=100xp-lvl 75,A+46,D+16

Demonic Bone Ring=59=100xp-lvl 75,A+32,D+8,L+74

Enormous Silver Hoop=59=100xp- lvl 75 A+14-D+12-L121

fist of Ancient Echoes=40=200xp lvl 45-A85 D46

Gnawed Phalanax Bone=55 =200xp=level 65 attack +12 Life +140

Granite Insigna Ring=51=100xp-lvl 65,A+24,L+92

hollow point katar=36=100xp-lv 45 a90- d24-

Ivory Ring=36=100xp-lvl 45,D+38

Kindred Pendant(Neck)=55=200xp-lvl 65,D+14,L+134

Latex Legging(sock)=6=lvl 5,L+8

Leaky Sock=6=100xp-lvl 5,A+6

Loyal Katar=88=200xp-lvl 99,A+140,L570

Loyalty Medallion(neck)=88=200xp-lvl 99-D=46-L191

Loyalty Signet Ring=88=200xp-lvl 99,D+46,L+191

Magnetic Therapy Bracelette=59=100xp-lvl 75 D+62

Moonstone Mandala Earring=51=100xp-lvl 65 A+16,L116

Nightmare Ripper(hand)=55=200xp-lvl 65,D+66,L+329

Onyx earring=51=100xp-lvl 65,A+54

Plush Cashmere Wrap(Neck)=25=200xp-lvl 25,L+48

Quilted Sock=51=100xp-lvl 65,D+8,L+140

Runed Bracelet=51=100xp-lvl 65, D+18,L+110

Scarlet Brooch(Neck)=6=100xp-lvl 5,A+6

Scarlet Lace CHoker(Neclace)=51=100xp-lvl 65,D+12,L128

scorpion Mandible=10=200xp-lvl 5[

Serrated Garnet Earring=10=200xp-lvl 5,L+13

Shadow Echo Bracers=59=100xp-lvl 75,A+36,D+26

Spectrall Bindings(wrist)=40=200xp,lvl 45 A+24,D+18

Thick Ski Sock=40=200xp-lvl 45,A+42

Tiny Diamond Stud(earring)=62=200xp-lvl 75,A+18,D+12,L+121

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