Ok I am a Real Fashionista Fan,, so if you really want to earn some Rubies, I recomend you to get to Level 5 on Fashionista quick, were you can make The "Fern WInter Coat" wich it sells at $5125 and gives you 200xp here is a Chart plus the pics of every Item,, First is the Item Follow it by the price you sell them to Merchants and then the Xp that gives you for Making it If you dont see the Xp next to the price it means it is 100xp, Hope this Help!!

    • NOTE** if you want one of this Items below,, let me know i will Gladly make it and give it to you for free!!

Apple Kilt=0=200xp (Man)

Bamboo Nehru jacket=0=200xp (man)

Brown Tar Heels=2075=xp100 (Woman)

Champagne Pea Coat=0=200xp

Chesnut Cowboy Boots=0=100xp (Man)

Cypress DYe=300=100xp

Deep Olive Heels=2125=100xp,(woman)

Deep Olive Skinny Jeans=0=100xp (woman)

Fern fatigue pants=5125=100xp (man)

fern winter coat=5125=200xp (woman)

Hidden Meadow Fatigue Jacket=0=100xp

Isle of Pines Fatigue Jacket=0=100xp,(man)

Isle of Pines Knee High Heels=0=100xp (woman)

Pewter Baby Doll Shirt=2050=100xp (woman)

Ridge Bell Bottoms Pants=1675=100xp (woman)

Sable Jeans=3025=100xp-(man)

SHell Sneakers=1175=100xp-(man)

Sky Baby Doll Shirt=0=200xp (woman)

Solem Dye=2100=100xp

Spice Sneakers=1050=100xp

Spirit dye=0

spirit Tank Top=0=200xp

Stealth work Boots=3025=100xp

Thicket DYe=600

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