PRICES FOR BAGS/slots (June 2010) ALL PRICES IN RUBIES-- 1K = 1000 rubies

    • 1 slot loyalty pouch -- free to 10k
    • 2 slot fanny pack -- 25k to 35k
    • 3 slots satchel -- 60k to 90k
    • 4 slots messenger bag -- 130k to 190k
    • 6 slots large messenger bag -- 300k to 350k
    • 8 slots courier bag -- 550k to 700k
    • 10 slots large courier bag -- 700k to 850k
    • 12 slots backpack -- 1million to 1.2million
    • 14 slots leather backpack -- 1.2million to 1.4million
    • 16 slots briefcase -- 1.4million to 1.6milion
    • 20 slots kevlar briefcase -- 2million to 2.5million

all bags/slots can only be purchased with Ohais - how much the buyer will sell to someone for rubies, is to whatever market demands establishes (above is only a suggested guideline from prices set by previous CoE players)

PLEASE NOTE!!!: THESE PRICES WERE ESTABLISHED LAST YEAR BEFORE THE OHAI PRICES WERE RAISED - - CURRENT OHAI PRICES NOW ARE 10X WHAT LAST JUNE 2010 WERE - - RUBY PRICES SHOULD BE RAISED PROPORTIONALLY TO REFLECT CURRENT VALUES - - market values will be up to buyers/sellers to set - - buyers / sellers educate yourselves and decide whats fair for exchanges/trades for bags/slots

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