Channel ColorsEdit

The current beta release features a colored chat interface. Each channel is presented in a unique color: World Channel in gray, Area Channel in blue, Private Channel in pink, Trade Channel in orange and Group Channel in purple.

Command LineEdit

When issuing shorthand chat commands in the chat interface, make sure to preceed the command with a slash. (See available commands below.)
Commas placed after a user name will be interpreted as a part of the name. Though a player's last name is optional, due to the high number of people playing COE, it is likely that several people will be playing, who share common first names. In those cases, you must include the player's last name in your tell command.
If your intended recipient is not logged into the game, or if your target name cannot be resolved, you will receive an error message in a yellow SYSTEM error chat channel.


All players must reach Prestige Level 50 in order to use the World Chat Channel.


Use common sense, when broadcasting to the world, an area, to trade, your group or privately. Read about COE Chatiquette, here.

Chat Interface ShorthandEdit


Emote example
To place a thought bubble over your avatar,
Type /e action
For example:
/e Wonders how he got here.
Any text after the /e will be placed in parenthesis over your avatar.

Group TellEdit

To address your group,
type /g message
/g Where are you guys?
Group chat appears in a purple channel box.


There is no command line reply command available from the chat interface. Reply has been replaced by an arrow button available to the right of each chat box in order to privately reply to a chat post. If you are not at least Prestige Level 50, you will currently not be able to reply to World Chat posts. Nevertheless the chat interface is subject to be expanded, as can be drawn from recent forum postings on


To broadcast a message to the area,
type /s message
/s Would someone please help me with these maggots?
Area chat appears in a blue channel box.


(see Whisper)
To send a tell (communicate privately) to another player,
type /t firstname {lastname} message
/tell Jane Ko, can I have 3 oranges for 3 flax?
Personal chat appears in a pink channel box. See Whisper for additional notes.


(see Tell)
To whisper (communicate privately) to another player,
type /w firstname {lastname} message
/w Melisandre, let's form our own group.  This is taking forever.
Personal chat appears in a pink channel box.

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