Page scope: A few wishful, but not mandatory guidelines for chatting on CoE.

Disclaimer: The CoE Wiki is independent from Ohai. Naturally we won't go around dictating, how people should chat ingame. However, we DO recommend you follow the nonmandatory guidelines below in chat. This could help make the CoE chatting experience much more pleasant for everyone. If you don't, other players might get annoyed or angry and the next thing you know, it's chat armageddon! Let's all avoid this by following the suggestions listed below.

Issues to skip completely. Edit

  • We recommend completely skipping profanity, obscenity, racism, religious or political attacks, cursing etc. in public chats.
  • Not just kids playing this game will benefit from this: Please be FRIENDLY.

Precede posts with name of person you're talking to.Edit

  • World, trade and area chats are getting confusing otherwise, and lots of extra text is necessary to explain, whom you are talking to.

Include complete information.Edit

  • Especially when trading (in trade chat please!) it spares everyone additional posts, when you include
  1. item quantity,
  2. price for each or all and
  3. eventually a detailed description of what you sell or buy (recipes have a name, level and ingredients/weapons have a name, level and features!).

Use appropriate chat channel.Edit

  • Please
  1. Form a group or use whispering for private chats.
  2. Use trade channel and/or whispering for trading, selling, buying.
  3. Use area chat or world chat ONLY when nothing of the above applies, but when it is otherwise impossible to talk.

Private matters should stay private.Edit

  • Not everyone will want to hear, that you have a problem with your drug addictions, body parts or sex partners (add as desired), so please discuss those issues with a selected few via whispering, or form a group to do this. In private you're free to discuss everything of course.


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