City of Eternals Wiki Sponsored EventsEdit

Welcome to the Wiki Sponsored Events section. Here is where you will find all information pertaining to any events that will be held by the CoE Wiki staff. We are currently working on creating seasonal contests and we like to have auctions, so keep checking back for more info!

Also check the Wiki Contests page for ongoing contests

Upcoming Wiki Sponsored EventsEdit

Wiki Sponsored 1st Annual Fashion ShowEdit

Event Date: April 2nd

Time: TBA

Entry Deadline: TBA

COMING SOON :) Pay attention more info will be coming soon!!!


  • A City of Eternals player account
  • Clothing representing the section of the fashion show
  • One entry per player
  • Provide entry according to rules, TBA

Ok..Just how is this going to work?Edit

Entries will be uploaded to the wiki as screenshots of your outfit you are entering into the contest. You must include what category you are entering it in so we know where to put it. After you have done this, Wiki message CCDrkNrgy the link so she can post it to the page. You will have until Midnight, TBA 2010 to have the entry uploaded to the Wiki for judgement. This will allow the entire CoE Community to view the contest entries and form their opinion. Voting will take place on the The Lost City forum , a discussion thread will be started for this purpose only. The voting will end on 12:00 pm (noon) PST on TBA, 2010. This is to allow the Wiki staff to count votes and finalize the winners. The winners will be announced at the end of the Spring Fling Fashion Show and their prizes will be awarded.

What are the categories?Edit

  • Casual Wear
    • One Male winer
    • One Female winner
  • Formal Wear
    • One Male winer
    • One Female winner
  • Club Wear
    • One Male winer
    • One Female winner
  • Overall
    • One Male winer
    • One Female winner
  • Using Common items
    • One Male winner
    • One Female winner
  • Using Rare items
    • One Male winner
    • One Female winner

What are the Prizes?Edit

TBA, but they will be good :D as always!

How would I be able to participate if I can't enter the contest?Edit

You can attend the fashion show and take part in the festivities of the day....

Ok. I'm in where do I sign up?Edit

Contact Lutz (AKA CCDrkNrgy), Greg, Heather, or DJ Aryez

Why is the Wiki doing this event?Edit

Well, frankly, we at the Wiki don't really benefit from the events other than the pride of running one smoothly. The benefits are meant for the community. This will be an event that will take place each season and an opportunity for the community of CoE to get together and social more in a non-fighting fashion. We want YOU to have fun while playing City of Eternals and hope that in the future you might consider contributing to the Wiki as well.

Previous Wiki Sponsored EventsEdit

Coming Soon!

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