So I thought it would be interesting to post links to the various articles that have been written about CoE in the media. Please add as you see fit!

Recent ArticlesEdit

Feb 18 2010 NewWorldNotes Blog City of Eternals, an MMO That Actual Women Actually Play

Feb 17 2010: The World's Most Expensive Island--Online and a slide show: Extravagant And Outrageous Virtual Goods

Feb 11 2010: GamesBeat Facebook case study: Ohai’s City of Eternals social game launches with solid metrics

Feb 11 2010: Ohai: City Of Eternals MMOG Opens To All + Details On Their Next Game

Older ArticlesEdit

Nov 12 2009: City of Eternals: A Facebook Game You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Nov 11 2009: Ohai Launches City Of Eternals Freemium MMO

Nov 10 2009: Move aside, vampire wars. City of Eternals is a real game

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