Mission Mission
Confronting Tomas
A Simple Matter to Silence
Starting location
New Valencia downtown
Given by
Confront Tomas Kale in Marge's Overrun Townhouse in Westview
Rubies 20 rubies, Experience 1210 experience, Wrist Grip of Fear or
Earring Earring of False Hope

This quests starts directly after completing A Simple Matter to Silence. The goal is to silence Tomas Kale. Go to Marge's Overrun Townhouse in Westview (after entering Westview through downtown, middle appartement. Go inside and kill Tomas and return to Miko Cosca in Club Hypnotique; Mission complete! If you manage to kill the dogs to, you'll also complete Overrun Townhouse.

Trivia Edit

  • The dogs in the house are summoned by Tomas Kale.

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