Ghost of Slayer Past

entry for group mission

Three stages group mission in a maze in the East of Silver Order Plot, which is in Bayview Cemetery.

Max. time: 48 mins.

Recommended space in inventory: 12-15 slots.

Note: Very graphic intense!

Stage 1: kill 15 restless spirits LVL 75 (in maze, start to the left!) - 15 min.

Stage 2: kill 15 enraged spirits LVL 75 (in maze) - 15 min.

Stage 3: kill Invoker Oz LVL (center of maze) - 15 min.

The completed mission rewards of an acrolyte track jacket (male/resale zero rubies) at the entry/exit. - 3 min.

Tip: Always leave the last monster to the last minute before you kill it, less trouble when harvesting.

• Loads of harvesting of amber, black raspberries, peppermint oil, platinum, plum, rose quartz, silk, tin.

• Nice rewards by looting from monsters:

Rubies as well as foggy halite, splintered bone, rough hide, tattered hide, an eventual "Dreamweaver" title or "the Brave" title recipe and at last

Lvl 75 hand helds & socks: Claw of Northern Wind, Dirk of Infinite Longing, Earring of Immutability, Stiletto of Infinite Longing, Stiletto of Immortality, Sock of Immutability

Note: Graphic intense! Kill one at a time, the half-transparent zombie type of monsters tend to pile up otherwise, which drastically slows gaming down to an eventual halt, whoch you can probably only escape by exiting CoE.

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