Mission Mission
Half Moon Rendevous
None / 3 energy, when done from FB.
Starting location
Private Room in Half Moon Cyber Cafe in Westview
Given by
Topaz Zakone
Find Clues to Link's Meeting (USB drive in shelf)
max 200 rubies, experience max 17370 (on level 100)

Go into the private room in the Half Moon Cyber Cafe in Westview. Speak to Topaz Zakone.
Picture 18

Look for the sparkling shelf in the room you are in.

Fight Xolotls on the way there, which can be 3 to 8 levels higher than your own fight level. It's recommended to kill all Xolotls in the room for more fight points and loot. Xolotls will set you on fire, occasionally an ongoing fire after you killed does not let you loot right away. Some of the killed Xolotls let you loot hides, bone and essences then.

Finally collect US drive from shelf and return it to Topaz to receive reward.

Amount of reward depends on your own fight level, on level 100 you receive 200 rubies and 17370 experience.

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