Mine for minerals. Gather plants. Use anatomy to dissect hides/bones/essences. Some goods are harder to find than others (rare).

Level 1Edit

Iron, Copper, Turquoise, Cat's Eye

Flax, Oranges, Corpse blossom (rare), Grave fungus

Mangled hide, Splintered bone, Weak essence (rare)

Level 2Edit

Lead, Silver, Topaz, Jasper

Lemon, Lime (rare), Dusk bloom, Hemp

Tattered hide, Gouged bone, Wavering Essence (rare)

Level 3Edit

Agate, Aluminum, Carnellian (rare), Pyrite (rare)

Bananas, Apricots (rare), Pokeweed (rare), Milk Thistle, Stinging Nettle (rare), Cotton

Chipped bone, Rough hide, Pulsing essence (rare)

Level 4Edit

Amethyst, Nickel, Chromium, ?Sapphire (rare)

Mango, Pears, Chamomile, Pomegranate (rare), Bamboo, ?feverfew (rare)

Crooked Bone, Smooth hide, Vibrating essence (rare)

Level 5Edit

Tin, Rose quartz (rare), Amber, Platinum (rare)

Black raspberry, Plums, Silk, Persimmon (rare), Peppermint oil

Polished bone, Pristine hide, Radiant Essence (rare)

Good harvesting sitesEdit

  • The Haunting has many sites with level 1/2 and occasionally 3 level items
  • Nature Parks - central park, dog park, and Mt Seraphina state park
  • City Parks - fenced in areas with merchants, such as in downtown, westview, (narrows), cascade, etc. have harvest sites in corners.
  • The Rompus Rooter Rootin' Ground - usually level 3-5 items, but some lower items appear. This area is abundant in Chamomile - which boosts life points (couple hundred) for a few minutes (15? more?) when consumed.
  • Entrance of Bayview/Financial district there are 3 harvest sites (jump that portal to refresh and collect --- you might meet Cesar).
  • Undercity
  • You can always harvest in yours and your friends' houses (at least once per day), but you will not get experience for doing so.

Harvested items that boost life points when consumedEdit

corpse blossom

grave fungus

dusk bloom




stinging nettle

peppermint oil


Level comparison!Edit

Listing harvesting points according to level.

LEVEL      XP to next level           Total XP   
99         172894 (1729 items)        2642800
100        --                         2815695

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