Health Potions heal you by increasing your life energy. They appear in you inventory and heal you after you consume the potion. They can be bought, traded, made and looted.

CoE potions health Health PotionEdit

These potions come in a variety of Levels (L1 L5, L35, L50, L80 etc.) You must be at the or above the given level to consume potion. Regular health potions give you a one time, immediate boost to your life energy. The higher the level the point points they heal at one time.

CoE potions superhealthSuper Health PotionEdit

These potion come in a variety of Levels (L1, L5, L15, L25, L35, L45, L60, etc.) They are similar to regular health potions, except rather than heal you one time, they will continue to heal you for 30secs after you consume them. This means that while fighting and losing life points, during the 30sec, they potions will heal you by a set amount as long as your life energy is not full. The higher the level the more points are healed each increment.


Crit cola, Rat Blood, Asinthe, Everheal A/B/AB, bud light, etc. Other special potions are available to make or from minion missions. (I have not seen them for sale or loot ?)

In general these potions, if they say "well heal you with a strong after taste" or make some comment about the flavor, that means it will both heal you and posion you. However the initial healing boost is higher than the amount of life you lose via the poison.

EverHeal potions type A/B/AB - these potions function like super health potions but over a longer period. For example Everheal type AB potion can be made using type 4 alchemy. Once consumed this potion will heal you in +240pt increments for 1 full hour.

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