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Step 1: Click on the Manage skills icon on the bottom right of the screen
Skills icon
Step 2: Click on "set up Hot Keys" button at the bottom of the screen (you may have to change to the fighting screen by clicking the fighting icon at the top of the window).
Select skills screen
Step 3: Choose the hot-key slot you would like to fill
Slect hot-key slot

Step 4: Choose the item or skill you would like to be able to access through hot-keys

Sometimes choosing the correct item can be tricky. if you are having trouble seeing any potions follow 1-3 in the picture to the right.

1- use the arrows to scroll to an empty section of the list

2- click on "Potions"

3- Choose your item

you may have to repeat to get the wanted items. Meaning you may have to scroll down to another empty area and hit "Potions" again and again to get desired items.

Select hot-key item
Step 5: Click "Save"
Step 6: Close out the windows and play!
Repeat steps 1-4 for each hot-key slot

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