The Researcher is Dr. Graeme Turnbull. His place is near the Mourning Widowed Vampire.

Mission Mission
Inside Track
Starting location
Tyler Carmichael's Hideout, Valencia Narrows
Given by
Tyler Carmichael
Loot the cashbox of XelCo Researcher in the Palisades
Rubies 68 rubies, Experience 1023 experience
Tyler Carmichael decides that you must prove your worth to The White Crows. For your initiation, you should get back at a ZelCo Researcher he has a beef with. Find the Researcher in the Palisades, and loot their cash box.

Note: The cash box location does not show up on the mini-map as a quest marker on entering the right house. It will subtly sparkle when you are close enough in the same room to see it.

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