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Amethyst or Aqua what?

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What is an instance? Most of you have played MMOs before and understand the concept of an instance, or level image. The methodology is used to serve a large user population while allowing the delivery of small scale, personal quest experiences. On busy MMOs, without the use of instances, the likelihood of an undisturbed zone would be small and waiting for quest objects or quest mobs to reload would impact your playing experience.

A quest area like the Half Moon Back Room in Half Moon Cafe, Westview, exists in the MMO engine as a description of the room, the monsters (mobs) which inhabit the space and the particular list of events that comprise the quest solution. If an individual player or a group enters the room, a unique container (or 'instance') is created which allows the players a fresh quest experience, undisturbed by any other players, for the duration of the quest, no matter how many players are currently logged into the MMO.


Groups enable players to enter a room, quest or zone together: a shared instance is created for every member of the group. Make sure you group as soon as you can. A good place is the fountain outside of Club Hypnotique in Downtown. Since many of the areas of New Valencia are instances, it may be difficult to hook up with other members of your party out in the field.
Another important point to keep in mind is that the instance is tuned to the level of the first group member that enters. Make sure that your senior-most group member enters the instance first in order to load the zone with the highest level monsters possible.

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