Jane is ko

Game stats

Crafting 100
Exploring 100
Fighting 100
Harvesting 100

Fighting skills, and which i like best.

I love blood splatter, it really kills, and mist form. When it comes you can harvest forever without paying attention to the stuttering cloud of monsters around you.

Making skills i use

All of them, preferrably 200xp recipes. And clothes. And titles. Shame we can't make burgers or flowers or good films.

Favorite quests & daily locations to check.

Any with rare Harvestables and good fights. If not DT.


OHAI could improve those

Start uodating the game again. New quests! New city parts!. Switch to Java or something much less cpu-intense, than Flash.
In return for our Ohai payments support human causes.

Words of wisdom

A game is a game is a game, like Gertrude Stein could have said. She didn't, but it is really just a game. If you come across someone stiff or unfriendly: Stay humorous, stay relaxed, stay independent. Finding those qualities in your game friends makes ANY game a rose. And don't forget to live a real life.

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