Page scope: Listing recipes & ingredients suitable to level up your making faster.This other document will help you, too: Item values - listings.

2.815.775 make points (XP) are needed to get to level 100,
this is 28.158 100 XP recipes or 14.079 200 XP recipes.

200XP recipes

LEVEL 1 (any Alchemist, Fashionista, Outfitter or Scribe)

ITEM NAME                           XP  RUBIES    INGREDIENTS
Dye (Forest)                        200    600    1 Turquoise, 1 Iron, 1 Mangled Hide, 1 Flax Fiber
Greater Grenade I                   200      0    2 Corpse Blossoms, 1 Iron, 1 Orange
Hoodie (Oak/male)                   200      0    1 Cat's eye, 2 Lime, 1 Orange
Inner Focus Potion I                200      0    2 Grave Fungus, 1 Corpse Blossom, 1 Lime
Light Pewter Hooded Coat (female)   200   3050    2 Flax, 1 Iron, 1 Turquoise
Scorpion Mandible                   200     10    2 Copper, 1 Iron, 1 Cat's Eye Quartz
Serrated Garnet Earring             200     10    1 cat's eye quartz, 2 turqoise, 1 iron  
Title - Gang Leader                 200      0    3 cat's eye, 1 turquoise, 4 grave fungus, 1 flax, 1 lifestone
Title - Head of Embalming           200      0    1 Grave fungus, 1 Flax, 2 weak essences
Onyx Cluster Necklace               200           1 turquoise, 1 copper, 1 mangled hide, 1 splintered bone
Super Health Potion -L5             200      0    1 grave, 2 limes, 1 orange

LEVEL 2 (any type, as listed for level 1)

ITEM NAME                           XP  RUBIES    INGREDIENTS
Chrome Gear                         200     25    1 jasper, 1 lead, 2 topaz
Dye (Brown Tar)                     200   1200    1 topaz, 1 lead, 1 tattered hide, 1 hemp
Fist Of Blind Rage                  200           1 jasper, 1 lead, 2 silver
Greater Molotov Cocktail II         200           1 lead, 1 lemon, 2 stinging nettle
Inner Focus Potion II               200           2 dusk blooms, 1 stinging nettle, 1 apricot
Plush Cashmere Wrap                 200     25    1 gouged bone, 1 silver, 1 tattered hide, 1 topaz
Super Health Potion -L15            200           1 dusk bloom, 1 lemon, 2 apricot
Title - the Annihilator             200           2 wavering essence, 1 dusk blooms, 1 hemp fiber
Title - House elder                 200     --    4 dusk blooms, 1 hemp fiber, 3 Jasper, 1 life stone, 1 topaz

LEVEL 3 (any type)

ITEM NAME                           XP    RUBS    INGREDIENTS
Dye (Eclipse)                       200   1500    1 aluminum, 1 carnelian, 1 cotton fiber, 1 rough hide
Fern Winter Coat                    200   5125    1 carnelian, 1 aluminum, 2 cotton
Fist of ancient echoes              200     40    1 agate, 1 aluminum, 2 pyrite
Nightmare Ripper (ohais)            200     55    1 amethyst, 2 chromium, 1 nickel
Title - Keeper of the Chronicle     200     --    2 pulsing essence, 1 milk thistle, 1 cotton fiber

LEVEL 4 (any type)

ITEM NAME                           XP    RUBS    INGREDIENTS
Dye (Moss)                          200   1800    1 bamboo, 1 nickel, 1 sapphire, 1 smooth hide
Evening Turtleneck Sweater (male)   200   3175    1 amethyst, 2 mangos, 1 pear
Everheal Type AB potion             200     --    3 nickel, 1 pokeweed, 10 bamboo, 1 lifestone
Lemon Sweater                       200      0    1 Sapphire, 1 nickel, 2 bamboo fiber
Title - Merchant of Chaos           200      0    1 bamboo fiber, 1 chamomile, 2 vibrant essences
UNCONFIRMED: Loyalty sock           200 7 amethysts, 2 sapphires, 7 nickels, 6 chromiums, 3 smooth hides, 3 life stones

LEVEL 5 (any type)

ITEM NAME                           XP    RUBS    INGREDIENTS
Crit Bull                           200     --    2 black raspberry, 7 plum, 3 persimmons, 1 lifestone
Dye (Spirit/203 ohais)              200      0    1 pristine hide, 1 rose quartz, 1 silk fiber, 1 tin
Title - Brood Lord                  200      0    3 agate, 1 carnelian, 1 cotton, 1 life stone, 4 milk thistle
Title - Den Mother                  200      0    3 amber, 4 black rasp, 1 life stone, 1 rose quartz, 1 silk

200XP ingredients /by level

In general any recipe with a life stone is worth 200 XP

LEVEL 1 (any Alchemist, Fashionista, Outfitter or Scribe)

Cat's Eye Quartz, Copper, Corpse Blossom, Flax fiber, Mangled hide, Orange, Iron, Splintered bone, Turquoise, Lime, Grave Fungus

LEVEL 2 (any type)

Agate, Aluminum, Apricot (rare), Chipped bone, Dusk bloom, Gouged bone, Jasper, Lead, Lemon, Silver, Stinging nettle (very rare), Tattered Hide, Topaz

LEVEL 3 (any type)

Agate, Aluminum, Carnelian, Cotton fiber, Dusk blooms, Hemp fiber, Jasper, Life stone, Pyrite, Rough hide, Topaz, Wavering essence

LEVEL 4 (any type)

Bamboo, Life stone, Nickel, Pokeweed

LEVEL 5 (any type)

please fill in.

200XP ingredients /A-Z

Agate, Aluminum, Apricot, Bamboo, Carnelian, Cat's Eye Quartz, Chipped bone, Copper, Corpse Blossom, Cotton fiber, Dusk bloom, Flax fiber, Gouged bone, Hemp fiber, Iron, Jasper, Lead, Lemon, Life stone, Mangled hide, Milk Thistle, Nickel, Orange, Poke weed, Pulsing Essence, Rough hide, Silver, Splintered bone, Stinging nettle, Tattered hide, Topaz, Turquoise, Wavering essence

Level comparison!

Listing the number of 100XP items necessary to get to the next level.

Case study: Making 40 Spell Scrolls I (3 ingredients/100XP) takes 12-13 mins under low lag conditions (in Book Nook, no one else there). Deleting 8 resulting stacks of 5 takes another 2-3 mins.

The times listed below therefore assume 3 items/min made (quite fast!).

LEVEL             X 100XP to next level      Total XP at LVL     Time to make          & delete
59                157                        ~204.208     
60                161                        ~218.225
61                166
63                187
75                353 (reconfirm)
76                402 
77                428                    
80                516 
81                552
82                589
83                627                        ~958.275       3.195 mins / 53 h 15 mins   
84                669                        ~1.020.975
85                712                        ~1.080.875
86                758                        ~1.159.075
87                809                        ~1.234.875
88                861                        ~1.315.775
89                917                        ~1.401.875
90                978                        ~1.493.575
91                1042                       ~1.591.375
92                1110                       ~1.695.500
93                1183                       -1.806.475  
94                1260                       -1.924.775
95                1342                       -2.050.775
96                1430                       -2.184.975
97                1524                       -2.327.975
98                1624                       -2.480.375
99                1730                       -2.642.775          
100               (1842)                      2.815.775      approx. 10k mins

Theoretical level increase
101               ?                          3.000.000


As you can see above you will need 7-8 days 24/7 only to craft the items for LVL 100 (example: Spell Scroll I). Realistically it takes at least a month.

Doing a 200xp item instead decreases making time, but uses more expensive ingredients usually.


1. Make stackable items. It's much faster to delete or sell them later.

How do you get ingredients fast?

2. You'll need a lot of rubies. Harvesting takes approx. 5-20 times longer than making, but generates ingredients and items to sell.

If you want to REALLY save on time you will need to buy ohai items and resell them for rubies. Bummer. Buying the ingredients for our case study recipe Spell Scroll I will cost approx. 70 MIO RUBIES, realistically given that each ingredient costs 500 rubies. Generating 70 mio rubies from Kevlars (20-slot bags/720 ohais/sold for 2 mio rubies) requires buying 35 Kevlars for a total of 25.200 ohais, equivalent to approx 250 real $. Keep that in mind, when you consider buying clothes ;)

3. Always ask for large quantities (above 100 items) when buying ingredients. Dramatically decreases trading time.

Conclusion: Consider you'll need months and possibly even years of your lifetime to get to LVL 100.

To minimize this you will need a lot of cash/game cash and a load of willing harvesters working for you on a permanent base.

Good luck.

Level 100 statistics

This listing shows all the items, that player Jane Is Ko crafted to get to level 100.

Acolyte Dye                              16
Acolyte Track Jacket                      1
Aggression Potion I                      77
Aggression Potion II                      2
Aggression Potion III                     0
Aggression Potion IV                     26
Aggression Potion V                      31
Apple Heels                             107
Bamboo Nehru Jacket                       0
Black Rubber Earplug                     29
Black Wool Sock                          19
Blood Ruby Watch                         54
Blood Soaked Bracelet                    63
Bone Talisman                             3
Brass Knuckles                            2
Brown Tar Dye                           313      200xp
Brown Tar Heels                          11
Cestus of Annihilation                    1
Chestnut Cowboy Boots                     1
Chestnut Sneakers                         2
Chrome Gear                               3
Chunk of Atropied Flesh                 312
Cinnamon Rockabilly Shirt                 1      200xp
Cinnamon Spaghetti Dress                  1      200xp
Cloudy Knee High Boots                   10
Coveted Medallion                        24
Crit-Ade                                  1      200xp
Coveted Medallion                        24
Cypress Dye                              23
Dainty Silk Sock                          0
Deep Olive Heels                          5
Deep Olive Skinny Jeans                   4
Demonic Bone Ring                         0
Eclypse Baby Doll Dress                   3
Eclypse Bell Bottom Pants                 9
Eclypse Dye                              20
Enduring Spaghetti Strap Minidress        3
Enormous Silver Hoop                      0
Evening Turtleneck Sweater               62      200xp
Everheal Type B                           0      200xp
Fern Fatigue Pants                      256
Fern Winter Coat                         15      200xp
Fist of Ancient Echoes                  112      200xp
Fist of Blind Rage                      274      200xp
Foam Board Shorts                         1
Forest Dye                              464      200xp
Forest School Girl Skirt                387
Fortification Potion I                  176
Fortification Potion II                   1
Fprtification Potion III                  0
Fortune Cookie                            0      200xp
Fused Metal Gear                          8
Ginseng Blaster                           0      200xp
Gnawed Phalanx Bone                       0
Granite Insignia Ring                     1
Greater Grenade I                       154      200xp
Greater Molotov Cocktail II               9      200xp
Grenade I                               158
Grenade II                                3
Grenade III                               4
Grenade IV                              112
Grenade V                                 1
Half Gnawed Pencil                       23
Health Potion -L5                        86
Health Potion -L15                        4
Health Potion -L25                        5
Health Potion -L35                      200
Health Potion -L45                        3
Hidden Meadow Fatigue                     2
Highborne Bracers                        72
Hollow Point Katar                        3
Inner Focus Potion I                   1045      200xp
Inner Focus Potion II                   283      200xp
Inner Focus Potion III                   53      200xp
Inner Focus Potion IV                   161      200xp
Inner Focus Potion V                      0      200xp
Isle of Pines Knee High Boots             3
Isle of Pines Fatigue Pants               0
Ivory Ring                               62
Latex Legging                             9
Leaky Sock                               82 
Lemon Sweater                           158      200xp
Light Pewter Hooded Coat               1714      200xp
Light Pewter Leggins                    344
Loyalty Medallion                         0      200xp
Loyalty Signet Ring                       0      200xp
Mango V Neck Tee                          8
Masquerade Brooch                        23
Masquerade Claw                          27
Molotov Cocktail I                      446
Molotov Cocktail II                       0
Molotov Cocktail III                      3
Molotov Cocktail IV                     197
Molotov Cocktail V                       33
Moonstone Mandala                         1
Moss Dye                                160      200xp
Moss Pencil Skirt                       111
Moss Short Sleeve Shirt                   2
Nightmare Ripper                        186      200xp
Oak Dye                                  24
Oak Hiking Boots                          3
Oak Hoodie                               57      200xp
Olivine Bomber Jacket                    19
Onyx CLuster Necklace                   197
Onyx Earring                              0
Orb of the Chronicle                    111
Pewter Baby Doll Shirt                  191
Plush Cashmere Wrap                      29
Quicksilver Ring                         17
Quilted Sock                              1
Ridge Bell Bottom Pants                 270
Runed Bracelet                            0
Sable Jeans                            1430
Scarlet Brooch                          563
Scorpion Mandible                      1510        200xp
Serrated Garnet Earring                  48
Shadow Echo Bracers                       1
Shattered Amulet                          2
Shell Sneakers                           13
Sky Baby Doll Shirt                     139        200xp
Smog Bomber Jacket                        2
Smog Dye                                  4        200xp
Spectral Bindings                         2
Spirit Dye                               56        200xp
Spirit Tank Top                          57        200xp
Solemn Capri Pants                      428
Solemn Dye                              102
Spell Scroll I                         1846
Spell Scroll II                           7
Spell Scroll III                          9
Spell Scroll IV                         236
Spice Sneakers                            2
Stealth Work Boots                      390
Super Health Potion -L5                 140        200xp
Super Health Potion -L15                  6        200xp
Super Health Potion -L25                  2        200xp
Thick Hiking Sock                        83
Thick Ski Sock                            0
Thicket Board Shorts                      2
Thicket Dye                              34
Title: Antagonist                        12
Title: Archangel of Chaos                55        200xp
Title: Brood Lord                         1        200xp
Title: Charlatan                        111
Title: Conqueror                          5
Title: Dagger of the North Wind          14
Title: Den Mother                         3        200xp
Title: Dreamweaver                        2
Title: Dusk Walker                        9
Title: Girl Friday                       11
Title: Head of Embalming                106        200xp
Titel: House Elder                        1        200xp
Title: Hunter                            10
Title: Keeper of the Chronicle           98        200xp
Title: Martyr                           236
Title: Merchant of Chaos                 77        200xp
Title: Mischief Maker                   100
Title: Renowned Hero                     72
Title: Shadow Thief                      63
Title: Succubus Minion                    2
Title: the Annihilator                  177        200xp
Title: the Bloodletter                   18
Title: the Brave                         28
Title: the Decadent                       3
Title: the Fortunate                     13
Title: the Impaler                      205
Title: the Stoic                          3
Title: Wandering Ministrel                3
Vintage Clip on Earring                  24

100XP recipes /A-Z

Listed for convenience, probably incomplete. Use this list to exclude certain recipes right away.

Acolyte Dye
Acolyte Track Jacket
Aggression Potion I
Aggression Potion II
Aggression Potion III
Aggression Potion IV
Aggression Potion V
Apple Heels
Black Rubber Earplug
Black Wool Sock
Blood Ruby Watch
Blood Soaked Bracelet
Brown Tar Heels
Chestnut Cowboy Boots
Chestnut Sneakers
Chrome Gear
Cloudy Knee High Boots
Coveted Medallion
Cypress Dye
Deep Olive Skinny Jeans
Eclypse Baby Doll Dress
Eclypse Bell Bottom Pants
Eclypse Dye
Enduring Spaghetti Strap Minidress
Fern Fatigue Pants
Foam Board Shorts
Forest School Girl Skirt
Fortification Potion I
Fused Metal Gear
Grenade I
Grenade II
Grenade III
Grenade IV
Grenade V
Health Potion -L5
Health Potion -L15
Health Potion -L25
Health Potion -L35
Health Potion -L45
Hidden Meadow Fatigue
Highborne Bracers
Hollow Point Katar
Isle of Pines Knee High Boots
Ivory Ring
Latex Legging
Leaky Sock
Light Pewter Leggins
Mango V Neck Tee
Masquerade Brooch
Masquerade Claw
Molotov Cocktail I
Molotov Cocktail II
Molotov Cocktail III
Molotov Cocktail IV
Molotov Cocktail V
Moss Pencil Skirt
Moss Short Sleeve Shirt
Oak Dye
Oak Hiking Boots
Olivine Bomber Jacket
Orb of the Chronicle
Pewter Baby Doll Shirt
Quicksilver Ring
Sable Jeans
Scarlet Brooch
Shattered Amulet
Shell Sneakers
Smog Bomber Jacket
Solemn Capri Pants
Solemn Dye
Spell Scroll I
Spell Scroll II
Spell Scroll III
Spell Scroll IV
Spice Sneakers
Stealth Work Boots
Super Health Potion -L5
Thick Hiking Sock
Thicket Board Shorts
Thicket Dye                            600
Title: Antagonist
Title: Charlatan
Title: Conqueror
Title: Dagger of the North Wind
Title: Dreamweaver
Title: Dusk Walker
Title: Girl Friday
Title: Hunter
Title: Martyr
Title: Mischief Maker
Title: Renowned Hero
Title: Shadow Thief
Title: Succubus Minion
Title: the Bloodletter
Title: the Brave
Title: the Decadent
Title: the Fortunate
Title: the Impaler
Title: the Stoic
Title: Wandering Ministrel
Vintage Clip on Earring
jane is ko

Ingredients you don't need

Any harvestable labeled "Broken", "Cracked", "Crude", "Crushed", "Flawed", "Foggy" or "Split" as well as any statues can go straight to the merchant.

These items are not needed in any existing recipe.

Make strategies

To make, one needs ingredients and some ingredients are easier to get than others. Equally some recipes require more ingredients than others. To adjust for this supply/demand of ingredients, recipes give different values of make points. The more ingredients or the use of a rare ingredient makes recipes more valueable. Common recipes give you 100 make experience points (XP), while rarer recipes give higher values (200XP, 250XP). In general, a recipe with a life stone give high points and the following sections list recipes that give more than 200XP and the key ingredients.

There are 2 main strategies:

  1. make as much as possible of recipe with few, easy to get ingredients
  2. make recipes with higher make value, but potentially rarer items.

In the first strategy try collecting just a 2-3 items to make 1 recipe over and over again, getting 100 XP each time. For example Leak Sock lvl 1 outfitter uses 1 cat's eye quarts and 3 splinter and Latex legging lvl 1 outfitter uses 1 iron and 3 mangle hide. These 4 ingredients (cat's eye, iron, splinter bone, mangle hide) can all be obtain by harvesting friends houses, fighting, and are common items that are traded in large quantities. In fact level 1 ingredients are the only level ingredients harvested from friend houses. Therefore focusing on just collecting these 4 items, through trade or harvesting yourself, you can accumulate these ingredients and make this recipe often for 100 XP each time. Other notes to consider, as you increase level and recipes, you may see a trend in ingredients. For example in level 4 alchemy, Molotov cocktail IV uses 3 nickel and 1 pear, Fortification IV potion uses 1 chemomile and 3 pears, and Health Potion L35 uses 3 chemomile and 1 pear. In this case, chemomile is easier to find than pears, so I would choose to make the Molotov cocktail and Health potion that use 1 pear to conserve pears, but notice how these recipes all have the same few ingredients. These recipes are 100 XP, but they use the same few ingredients that can be easy bought and collect. The benefit of upper level ingredient collecting is that there is less demand. In the given examples, recipes that are only 100 XP and use a few easy to find ingredients are made as much as possible.

In the second strategy try finding recipes that give 200 XP plus points and collect those ingredients. It can take longer to find the ingredients as they may be harder to find. Again consider that level 1 ingredients, such as turquoise, copper, corpse blossum can be harvested from friend homes as well as harvested plus everyone starts at some lvl 1, so these items can be easier to find in large quantities. These higher recipes tend to have 4+ ingredients, where at least 1 items is a rare item. You want to choose just 1 or 2 recipes to collect and stockpile the rare key ingredient. For example, Greater grenade I uses 4 items (1 tur, 1 iron, 1 mangle, 1 flax) but only turquoise is rare and for Eclipse dye (1 aluminum, 1 cotton, 1 rough hide, 1 carnelian) cotton, rough and carnelian are all uncommon ingredients. Identify the key ingredient for the recipe, and collect that when ever possible. Since the recipes have more items, and you may not be able to hold as many items, don't try to make everything, but pick 1-2 recipes that have similar ingredients and make those.. Again you want to make as much 200+ XP recipes and you are getting double+ the points for you effort to collect rarer ingredients.

Other considerations are which category are you going to collect: Alchemist, Fashionista, Outfitter, Scribe. There are many fashionista recipes and clothes can be sold for 1,000+ rubies. Scribe, Alchemist, Outfitter recipes tend to sell for <100 rubies unless the recipe is rare, but still doesn't make many points. The rubies from selling facilitate trading. Scribe titles and Outfitter weapons can be traded for rubies and more ingredients if there is demand. Alchemy potions do not do much yet and they have 0 re-sale value or trade value. In this sense, for game rubies, fashionista has benefits. Alchemy recipes tend to use only 2 ingredients and can be useful for stockpiling only a few ingredient, while fashionista outfitter, and scribe look to use 3+ incredients for recipes.

Uncommon and rare recipes can be given as rewards when minions reach a new level, can be bought for Ohais, looted from monsters, traded with other player who can not use that level or category, and sometimes bought for rubies (in general recipes for rubies at merchants are common).

Brady, a merchant labelled as a 'Snack Cart Vendor' within the park in Valencia Heights has an inventory predominantly featuring recipes and tomes (with other items for sale including health potions and a few uncommon ingredients). Brady's recipes and tomes are for sale for Rubies and Ohais, with the majority 2010-02-09 00.18 EST available for Rubies (9 for rubies, 5 for Ohais, of 14 total recipes and tomes)

Some Basic making info


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