Please feel free to update and replace!!! Also looking for compilations of in-game zone maps New Valencia basic layout

Listing of all Maps by Main zone


The Haunting

Only one Portal. On first visit it will take you to your temporary home , after that it takes you to Downtown.

Downtown New ValenciaEdit

Full Downtown

Downtown Zone link

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Cascade TerraceEdit

Cascade portals

Cascade Terrace Zones maps

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Westview Zone Maps


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Valencia NarrowsEdit


Valencia Narrows Zone maps

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Heritage DistrictEdit

Heritage district Heritage District Zones

Valencia HeightsEdit

Val H Base

Valencia Heights

Valencia Heights Zones

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Central ParkEdit

C P Base

Central Park

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Los Perros Dog ParkEdit


Los Perros Dog Park

Los Perros Dog Park Zones

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Seraphina PalisadesEdit

S P basic

Seraphina Palisades

Seraphina Palisades Zones

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Commercial DistrictEdit

Commercial District Base

Commercial District

Commercial District Zones 6) It is also "Club Delerium"

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Financial DistrictEdit

F D Base

Financial District

Financial District Zones' Maps

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Seraphina National ParkEdit

State Park base

Seriphina State Park

Seraphina National Park Zones

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Bayview CemeteryEdit

Bayview Complete

Courtesy of Leo, if any updates are required please feel free to message me ingame

Bayview Zones Maps

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