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Please post to the comments section of this page any of the below you have completed. If you know of a map not on this list that should be, please add it, or post to the comments section.

Needs all:Edit

These maps do not exist on our wiki. At a minimum a compilation ma needs to be made for each of these: Each of these garner’s one point in the contest

Downtown New Valencia Zones MapsEdit

  • Dr. Veldir’s Condo
  • Secret Crypt (Dr. V’s Condo)

Cascade Terrace ZonesEdit

  • the Mahogany Secret Front room
  • House du Arc Private room
  • Chief’s Lair at Ybay’s apartment

Commercial District ZonesEdit

  • Vikea

Seraphina National ParkEdit

  • Ominous grove (not sure if this can be done)
  • Shadowy Worm Tunnel

Bayview Zone MapsEdit

  • Forest path
  • Silver Order Plot (can be done as more than one map i.e. North or South etc.)
  • Hierophant’s Maus
  • Old Valencia
  • First Barnum Maus
  • Lockhart Family Maus
  • House Maus

Needs complete map:Edit

These are maps that may exist, but need a complete map made for them. Each will garner 3 points in the contest. (The various Bayview maps can have their names changed according to contributor preference)

Downtown New Valencia Zones MapsEdit

  • Club Hypnotique Main Room
  • Club Hypnotique Back Room
  • Club Hypnotique Hip-Hop room

Cascade Terrace ZonesEdit

  • Link’s Apartment
  • Ruined Manor House

Westview PortalsEdit

  • The Michons’ apt
  • The Michons’ apt, Cellar

Los Perros Dog Park ZonesEdit

  • Pet Cemetery

Seraphina Palisades ZonesEdit

  • Dr. Game Turnbull’s
  • Mei Tarasova’s
  • Xelco Insider’s
  • Mick and Ralia’s

Commercial District ZonesEdit

  • Urn Room

Financial District ZonesEdit

  • Penny’s Emporium
  • Penny’s Backroom
  • Penny’s Bathroom

Bayview Zone MapsEdit

  • Alissa Neruda’s
  • Oogalunka Clearing
  • Rumpus Rooters Stomping grounds
  • Deporter’s crypt Main
  • Deporter’s Crypt Tunnel
  • Cultist Maus
  • Bayview North
  • Bayview NW
  • Bayview SW
  • Bayview Old val region
  • Bayview South
  • Bayview East

Needs revision:Edit

These maps need to be revised. Downtown will garner 2 points, the others 1 point each for updating them.

Maps on the main maps page:Edit

  • Downtown
  • Central Park
  • Commercial District

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