(Content by Nelly0416)

First of all, This excell worksheet is still a work in progress.

I'll need some suggestions on how to make it easier to look through or even how to edit it to be able to look through it more effectively, like, right now, i know if you sort something from highest to lowest, all the values will sort except for the actual names of missions, but I want the first column to be frozen.


so what I was trying to do is set up a worksheet that actually tells you the effectiveness of each mission, if really the "defend my neighborhood" one that gives you over 1000 entourage points, is really worth it compared to the time it takes and minions it uses, etc.

the first two columns of each category will give you the actual point value, but the rest of the columns are only comparative, columns multiplied by a 100 at times to make values easier to read.

so once again, suggestions or even a better description of this excel is more than welcome (I know I am horrible at explaining things)

enjoy ^_^

(I inserted the file but i don't see it.. maybe i'm blind.. but if not.. then.. here's the link to it

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