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Miss Buried Mission
Mission Mission
Bite Pass
Starting location
Alissa Neruda's Mausoleum
Given by
Get the Locket From Alissa's Coffin
178 Rubies plus Experience

This Zones is all zombies and zombie dogs. The Dogs aren't very tough but will come after you if you are near them. The zombies are fairly standard. Remember that you can use the long distance technique with them. Press tab to acquire the zombie then ` to attack them; your avatar will begin to throw attacks at the zombie. Run away, you are way faster than the zombies and can do quite a bit of damage from a distance. This will give you the upper hand when it comes time to finish the zombie off. Be careful not to use Blood Nova or any similar attacks in this level as it will definitely draw attention. Your goal is in the coffin in the room at the end of the long hall.

Miss buried fb

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