Thomas Malthus, founder of New Valencia

New Valencia in which City of Eternals takes place began as a vampire colony. It was created by the economist and vampire Thomas Malthus, after he had written in his secret seventh volume of his famous The Principles of Population that vampires should live together, seperated from humans. It also said that vampires should live under strict rules, and shouldn't be allowed to bite every random person. If this would happen, the planet would become over-populated. When the humans settled in the Atlantic Ocean, New Valencia created a charter that forbade preying on humankind and the town government provided blood to its citizens through secret raids.

The Shadow of Xelco Edit

Problems with the charter came when Xelco, a multinational corporation based in New Valencia that does regular business with the human world, began to rise quickly. Xelco even began with hiring humans as scientists and guards and several other positions.

The Supply of Hema Edit

The vampires have a arrangement with Xelco. Xelco delivers "Hema" to the citizens, and in exchange the citizens would live peacefully within the borders of New Valencia. "Hema" is synthetic blood where vampires can live on.

Though currently this deal is in decay. Hema is not enough to statisfy the needs of the vampires, and Xelco is very secretive about it.

The Four Houses Edit

The vampire community is split up in four bloodlines. These bloodlines may stretch back hundreds to thousands of years. They all feature one aspect of a vampire life:

Vampires without a house come together in the house of The White Crows, which stands for Rebelllion. Those vampires who don't take any house, and disagree with Sunset, Xelco and the houses live together in a part of the city: "Narrows".

Current Situation Edit

In earlier years, vampires had manners and live courtesly. This is now over. Vampires are creating nightclubs, bars, and the younger vampires want to leave the city and hunt humans.