Fighting:Level 100

  • Total Experience 57,967,826


  • Mining 5
  • Gathering 5
  • Anatomy 5


  • Fashionista 5
  • Outfitter 5
  • Scribe 2
  • Alchemist 1

House:Level 26

  • 17 minions

What fighting skills do you have? and which do you like the best, and which don't really stack-up?

Fighting skills - Rend Flesh, Bite, Drink life, Inhuman Precision, Murder Spree, Shadow Dance, Psychic spear, Glamour, Blood spatter, Mist, Rigor mortis, Hunger, Dark Angel, Bone shield and Death Grip

My favorite fighting skills are Shadow dance and Psychic spear and the Mist skill helps me escape from sticky

Skills like Blood spatter and Murder spree have not proven useful in any circumstances so far.

What is your favorite mission or quest, and how do you play it?

My favorite quest/mission is "Another's Dawn" as its the only quest I am able to finish under 4 minutes. Besides I get a lot of harvestables while I am doing it.

What Type of making skills do you use the most? What do you enjoy about making?

Out of all the making skills I love Fashionista because its the most lucrative of all skills and I get to make pretty things :)

If you could get Matt Ohai to make one change to the game what would it be?

The one change I would love to see to the game would be the addition of new recipes every skill level, if not the addition of a skill point. It makes levelling up something to look forward to.Every time I add a skill point, I have to wait a very very long time until the next one. If there was something to choose from or any new recipes I could use, the wait would be less painful.

Words of Wisdom

[cue inspirational]

I have seen that a lot of players ignore their social networking monster and consequently they never do COE quests. COE quests are a great way to level up fast and improving your harvesting skills.

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