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Note: The Prestige system seems to be in development yet and is subject to change. Therefore info listed below might change.

If you gain prestige for something you do in COE, your prestige bar will sparkle (in most cases).

How much prestige you gain upon certain things you do in COE is attempted to be listed below. To find out for yourself you need to mouse over the prestige bar before and after the desired action and take note of the difference in prestige points then.

Gaining prestige pointsEdit


Taking a mission doesn't give any prestige points.

• Killing a monster when fighting returns the same amount of prestige points as fighting points.
• Completing a mission adds the amount of gained experience points to your prestige as well.


Crafting means making items from recipes. You will gain

• 200 prestige points per crafted item, when using a 100xp recipe, and
• 400 prestige points per crafted item, when using a 200xp recipe.

Leveling up in crafting does not give any additional prestige points.


• Looting items from killed monsters returns 200 prestige points per looted item.
• Looting items from vases/amphores does NOT return any prestige points.)
• Harvesting goods from the ground returns 200 prestige points per item.


When you wear something for the first time you generate style points.

• Scribing a title or the first time generates 3-4 prestige points.


Explorer points are generated, when you find and then click/break things, which are not obviously active, like some vases or amphores.

• 500 explorer points return 1000 prestige points.
• Prestige points gained through exploring do not add to other group member's prestige.

Good to knowEdit

1. Above prestige level 101 points you'll need 7.000.000 to get to the next level. There is no more exponential increase between levels here.

2. The maximum prestige level is 250. After that points still count up, but there#d be no more level increase.

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