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This park is also known as Mt. Seraphina State Park.

Enter from the south east of financial district.

Two entries to other portals can be found on it's eastern side.

In the north east you can enter The Ominous Grove, which provides a (pretty unrewarding) mission called Grave Digger.

Still on the eastern side, but a bit further south you find the entry to The Shadowy Worm Tunnel, which is home to no mission directly.

West of this you find a sort of hide-out hosting three mission-relevant characters, Cammy, Matthis and Smitty.

The park is home to several types of monsters:

LVL 48 Haywire Survey Droids and LVL 50 Haywire Attack Droids can be found all over the center of the park,

LVL 52 Ravenous Larva and LVL45 Bulging Larva can be found near the entry to Shadowy Worm Tunnel.

The park provides a lot of plants and stones for harvesting.

Ominous GroveEdit

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Shadowy Worm TunnelEdit

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Financial DistrictEdit

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