Initial Mapping courtesy of player Rob! Thank you Rob!!!!

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Anastasia DuArc's Pied-a-TerreEdit

Anastasia DuArc's Pied-a-Terre

Dr. Graeme Turnbull's TownhouseEdit

Graeme turnbull

Mei Tarasova's TownhouseEdit

Mei townhouse

Mei Townhouse Completed

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Eerie Apartment/ Xelco Insider's ApartmentEdit

Xelco insiders appartment

Xelco Insder Complete

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Mick and Ralia's ApartmentEdit

Mick and Ralia's Apartment

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Randal Du Cosca's HomeEdit

Randal Du Cosca's Home(final)

  • Paranoid Vampires in this room are LvL 60
  • See Secret Blood Feast mission for more details

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Randolf's Lair of IniquityEdit

Randolf's Lair of Iniquity

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