Welcome to the world of CoE Wiki! This handbook should help you become a successful wiki contributor and will teach you how to upload images, post articles, edit and communicate with others. The CoE Wiki is a community website designed BY players FOR players. We rely on prospective contributors like YOU to keep the Wiki fresh and helpful to all players new and old. The following sections will provide you with guidelines on how to successfully contribute to the CoE Wiki. While these aren’t necessarily mandatory rules, we hope you follow these suggestions and tutorials to help make this site clean and comprehensive.

Note: A couple of articles regarding player and chat etiquette have been added to make it a more comprehensive handbook for both gaming and contributing.

Creating Maps - A Photoshop Tutorial on Map Making

How to Insert an Image or Video

How to Post an Article

Rules and Regulations

The NEW CoE Wiki Guide to Chatting

Player Etiquette


Game problem fix strategies

Have fun, and happy playing/writing!

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