Mission Mission
Toy Craze
Strange Instructions
Starting location
Christmas Forest (Downtown New Valencia)
Given by
Jack Zakone
Collect 10 wayward Spidey-Pets
Rubies 148 rubies, Experience Variable Experience

This mission was only available during Christmas 2009.

Toy Craze starts on the west side of the Christmas Forest and get your mission from Jack Zakone just beyond the portal. This is an area to explore very carefully. Each of the Monster Spawns that can be seen on the Christmas Forest map produce a zombie shopper that will aggressively attack you as soon as you get close and they are nasty. The nice thing is that the Spider-toys do not cause any damage. After collecting all the Spidey-Pets return to Jack Zakone. Mission complete!

Strategy Edit

Strategy 1- Work your way, slowly, towards the middle of the Christmas Forest. Use the spider bots to fill-up your fighting blood, and for health as needed. This is a mission where Glamour really can come in handy. I use Glamour to stun the Shopper zombies, then kill them as quickly as possible. I never stray far past the harvest spawn in the middle of the The Christmas Forest, hopefully this allows the player to only fight four zombies. Most of the zombie Spawns to re-spawn a zombie in time for you to have to fight them twice. The very first zombie can sometimes be skipped by running along the north edge. By clicking on the Spidey-pets then clicking the red fight icon you can make them come to you instead of exposing yourself to another zombie fight.

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Harvesting Edit

Note that this particular mission gives more than ample opportunity to harvest items usually not found in most other missions. Usually the harvest able items include tin, lead, flax, and orange. This gives it a unique feel compared to other missions.

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