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AP Wire - January 11, 2010, Valencia Heights
Trader vic
Last week, Trader Vic, a popular cart vendor in the Heights, won the right to establish a duty-free online trading post before New Valencia Appellate Court Magistrate, Yusef ad Cosca. For two years, legal teams representing the powerful Zakone, du Arc and Gaiana houses in alliance with attorneys from pharmaceutical giant and Sunset patent-holder, Xelco Research Inc., were able to forestall the implementation of the trading post on a litany of appeals.

Speaking at a hastily arranged press conference on the steps of the Federal Court Building, flash photography illuminating he and his legal team, a mere stone's throw from the doors of Xelco, Vic said, "It's over. My expert and tremendously supportive legal team has overturned the last of the legal hurdles put before us by [Xelco]."
Speaking slowly, as if fighting back emotion, the souvenir vendor continued, "Now every vampire in the Eternal City will benefit from a trading post. No longer will we be forced to pay the exorbitant prices established by the Xelco - du Arc monopoly."
To sporadic cheers and applause, Vic showed several travel cases full of his newest flair, earrings and handhelds, before he was escorted to one of several waiting limosines.

Representatives from the Zakone, du Arc and Gaiana houses did not return calls placed to their offices. A Xelco Research representative, speaking on the condition of anonymity, acknowledged the setback the ruling represented, but stressed that there was never any intent to set market prices in collusion with the Old Houses.

Using the Trade BoardEdit

Click on the Discussion tab, (Figure 1),

Figure 1. The Discussion Tab

above, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on the leave a message link, (Figure 2),
Leave a message

Figure 2. Leave a message!

and provide an entry advertising the merchandise that you'd like to buy, sell or trade. In order to aid your transaction, leave an image of your items, an image of yourself, and a time and a place you'd like to meet your potential buyer/seller. An example of a trade entry is illustrated in Figure 3.
Entry example

Figure 3. A Trading Post!

When you are finished with your post, be sure to leave your signature.

Figure 4. The Signature.

To leave your signature, (Figure 4), click on the signature icon in the task bar located above the message area.
Happy trading!

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