So you want to trade?

One of the big complaints I hear all the time is that people are selling their stuff at too high of a cost in the game. I’m sorry if you are a socialist, because CoE is not a socialist environment. The markets of CoE are much more like a complete free trade zone. No stinking tariffs to get in the way, no government restrictions (beyond the god-like control of supply) no complicated economic stimulus packages. We see supply and demand at its best. When there is a shortage on an item, we see the price go up. Yeah, sometimes there are supplier created shortages (such as someone buying a ton of Ohais then running around buying up all the bags available and hording them until they get the rubies or trade they want), but this is a natural part of economics. The creation of money in the forms of Rubies and Ohais was the creation of a cash economy. We start making rules about what prices people should use when trading, and we’re screwing everything up. It might make things cheaper but it will drive supply down. What reason would someone with ohais have to buy and extra bag?

One of the things that heavily effects our CoE economy is ohais usage. The most Demand-ed items in the game can often only be purchased from merchants through Ohais. So then why is it unfair for people to sell those things for whatever price they can get? I say it isn’t unfair! Dems da breaks. Yeah those things are scarce resources, but so is real money. Do you know how much I am paying to go to college so I can make more money? You really don’t want to even think about it!

Now on a separate note let’s talk about the prices of items at the merchants. Really, I don’t care! I am fine with whatever prices Ohai decides on. Either I’ll buy it cuz I want it, or I won’t. If I don’t have the Ohais or Rubies, I’ll save up for it, just like you should in the real world.

And that is the way I see it! Greg Flood 02:27, January 31, 2010 (UTC)

Learn a little about socialism

Learn a little more about economics

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