So you have minions, awesome. I do too, sometimes. Problems with minions is one of the continual bugs that plagues us Alpha testing Undead. When they work, minions are super awesome. They produce items, rubies and experience with little input. Unfortunately for some of us, they do not work. For a while the main problem with them was that they did not return rewards from their missions. Now, I find that I do not have any minions even though I am at level 18. I haven't had them for several weeks now. What is the solution you may ask. Really for the player the only thing we can do is practice patience while Ohai fixes things. My understanding is that the main problem with this bug is the interface with facebook. Friends and such are not being properly communicated by FB and that throws a major wrench in the works. Hopefully we will see this as a bug-free part of the game soon.

Another big gripe is lag. I find this to be exacerbated during group play. It makes it tough to fight, and sometimes is utterly unbearable. There are several things the player can do to help themselves. The most important thing is to keep your browser cache cleared on a regular basis. The second important thing is to increase offline browser storage capacity. Third, one sad trend I have found is that grouping with people from far off regions can often have a lag effect, but I find this to not be too big of a problem. Lastly, the larger the group the more lag you will experience, it is a simple economics problem. Grouping allows players to share points, and allows players to stay together in various zones. The more players in a group, the more the servers need to keep track of and in line, the slower the server response will become. Supply and demand. I am totally making that last part up, but it makes sense to me, don't know if it has any technical validity. Another solution is to refresh, and I don't just mean clicking your browser's refresh button, I mean exiting CoE and going to another website then coming back.

Another minor bug I have run into is what I think of as Black box syndrome. This is when you are traveling through a zone and run into the end of the area server load. You are stuck waiting for the area to load while your friends keep on going. I have no solutions to this... again patience is good.

What Bugs have you run into? and what fixes have you found for the player?

Good Gaming out there,

Greg Flood 06:03, December 29, 2009 (UTC)

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