Hello CoE undead!

Well I have been seriously enjoying working on this wiki. So far I have mostly just worked on making maps for others to use. I have also created a page about minions. I think we can make this into an awesome resource for new and long-time players. I have been trying to get mission descriptions completed here and there, but we really need newer players to contribute for the earlier missions.

Además, estoy buscando a alguien que estaría dispuesto a traducir las páginas a español y otros idiomas para que podamos crear páginas en paralelo. (Google Translate)

Eh well I guess I'm not really all that good at this blogging stuff, hope to see your's soon!

As always,

Thank you Ohai, and thank you Tuna for starting this wiki.


Greg Flood 03:45, December 29, 2009 (UTC)

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