After much anticipation, Ohai has finally released the beta version. This mean that not only are there all sorts of new features in the game, but also a whole list of new problems. Oh the joys of testing! So it is time to put our zen hats on, and realize that there will be stuff that doesn't work, but it is our job to help Ohai learn about these problems so they can fix them.

Ohai has made a couple of requests of us concerning reporting problems. As wiki contributors, I feel like it is our duty to try to facilitate Ohai in their requests. In so saying, here are the steps that we should follow and suggest to other player in the event of a problem. Also please direct people to this Overview of handling problems page.

Step one: Go to Vampire Digest Read up on the various new features and how they are supposed to work. If that doesn't fulfill your need well...

Step two: Head to the CoE Forum help section or the CoE Forum Technical issues and Bugs page. It is possible that someone else has had the same problem. If you are still not satisfied...

Step three: Post to the CoE forum pages linked above. Here are some Guidelines in reporting problems. For more information on some of the technical issues surrounding making a problem report, such as posting a screen shot or what section to post in the forum has lots of information that can help you. We also have a few tutorials on The CoE Wiki Handbook that might help.

Well good luck to everybody in this Beta testing, and let me know if you have any questions at all.

Greg Flood 16:23, January 29, 2010 (UTC)

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